Mascot design which grabbed the first runner-up position during Inter-IIT Cultural Meet 2017.


The Mascots were designed to be sent as the official entry of IIT Roorkee in the online graphic design competition of Inter IIT Cultural Meet 2017.


The problem statement required us to create a mascot which could represent a college's cultural festival. The idea was to create a design that would be creative and funny and also one that could be utilized for branding of fest.
The keypoints that we considered while designing this mascot were leadership, intelligence, native, funny, wild and strong.


Koko the baboon gets his name from Kokopelli, the Native American god of mischief, due to the many similarities they share including the head gear. Koko is designed to represent nature and culture. He guides all those who get lost in his jungle to safety and teaches them about the way of life in the jungle. His unusually long nose helps him to sniff out danger and keep those around him out of harm’s way. Koko has mastered the art of using the spear. He loves to keep it in pristine condition and can be often found polishing the blade. He is a free spirit who loves to sing, dance and is always on the lookout for an adventure. The headband he sports is decorated with feathers which he collects on his adventures. He claims this helps him preserve the memories of those adventures. Besides being a fighter, Koko is also a pretty good dancer. He uses his strong arms to swing from branch to branch and also loves to perform handstands and cartwheels to impress the young ones. Koko tries to teach