The first Augmented Reality (AR) based treasure-hunt game of IITR campus.


“Plan Et” is an Augmented Reality (AR) based treasure hunt game which uses sign boards around the campus as answers to clues. They must be scanned to receive the next clue and continue with the treasure hunt.


‘Pokémon Go’, the Augmented Reality (AR) based game,took the world by storm in 2016. It fulfilled the childhood fantasies of many by bringing to life the world of pokemon around them. Seeing the craze around it, we at Design Studio decided to replicate something similar for the IIT Roorkee campus. The first of the series of questions we had to answer was what could act as the fulcrum of our Augmented Reality based App. After days spent on brainstorming, we came to a conclusion that Treasure Hunts were something conducted on a regular basis inside the campus on different occasions and could be taken to the next level using the concept of AR.


Having found the fulcrum, we worked hard to explore all the facets of the project. In due course of time we found that initiating it was the biggest thorn in the process as Plan Et was the first of its kind app to be developed in the campus. After days of sweat and tiresome nights, finally the first prototype was ready. After a successful trial of the prototype, scanning sign boards as the objects, we were all set to give the Institute ‘Plan Et’ on the occasion of the Annual Exhibition of Hobbies Club - 'Srishti’. The Institute greeted us with open arms and the event witnessed a participation of over 200 enthusiasts. The massive turnout motivated us to relaunch the app on the occasion of Annual Technical Fest of IIT Roorkee- Cognizance which indeed proved our pain worth taking with a participation close to 1000 participants. Striving to reach greater heights, Design Studio aims at making many new products based on the concept of Augmented Reality and also make further attempts to make