Making the world for the especially-abled a better place to live in with our new product.


Design Studio has designed a product “Personal Assistance for Walking” which is an attempt to improve the crutch and to make them easier to use.


The Creator created all of us in a unique manner, shaping everyone differently. He crafted us in a way to have a thought process but not with the idea to commensurate us. A small part of the population is made specially abled by Him. Also some face a calamity which restricts their activities.


Traditional design of the crutches involves transferring the entire body weight directly or indirectly on the arms of an individual which was painful for the person. To solve the issue we had to design the crutches in such a manner so that the final load can be transferred to the entire body. The product design team at the Studio worked upon it day in and day out in order to achieve our target. We are striving to make the design better and cost-effective so that it can be used by the common people in daily life and ease the difficulties they face while performing daily chores.