Memento designed for a competition organised by Tinkering Lab IITR.


Tinkering Lab IIT Roorkee organised a memento design competition during the year 2017. Theme of the competition was to create a design which would represent the past, present and future of IIT Roorkee


Keeping it in our mind, we have made the design which has three special features to explain the theme as follows:

1. THE GANGA CANAL BRIDGE SHAPE HAVING LION AT ITS BOTH ENDS (To depict PAST) - The Institute has an illustrious history and a glorious past. The Thomason College, the oldest engineering college in India, owes its birth to the construction of the Ganga canal. Without the canal, there would have been no college at Roorkee. In the past, the college has made tremendous contributions in the development of infrastructural base-roads and highways, canals and irrigation networks, etc.

2. SHINING STAR WITH IITR LOGO - With a guiding principle of “श्रमम् विना न किमवि साध्यम् “ (śramam vinā n kimapi sādhyam), it acts like a glittering crown in the development of our nation. Thus, present scenario of the institute is best attributed by a shining star containing official logo of IITR.

3. THE GRAPH OF LOGARITHM FUNCTION , y= loge(x) (To depict FUTURE) - We have put this symbol as a base of the design to depict future.


The memento was presented to the guests during bhawan days of various bhawans