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Product Designers

Product designers use their know-how of design, engineering and manufacturing to create new, improved products which offer better solutions to daily problems.

UI/UX Designers

User interface is everything with which a user interacts while user experience is the manner in which a user interacts with a product to reach the objective.

Graphic Designers

It involves making visually appealing art which also conveys some information about its accompanying product to the user.

Game Developers

Game developers create compelling storylines and characters. They use their knowledge of the game engine to create interactive environments which aid the user in having a good experience with the game.

3D Graphics Animators

It involves creating three dimensional models, using motion capture data to make lifelike animations, photorealistic rendering, compositing and designing virtual environments.

AR/VR Designers

Augmented reality and virtual reality involves creating virtual environments which simulate the real world and give users a chance to enjoy experience that they might not be able to experience in real life.